LUKE 21 Pg 2


21:16  And

[3] ye [the Jewish Church in and around Jerusalem] shall be betrayed both by

                        [a.] parents, and

                        [b.] brethren, and

                        [c.] kinsfolks, and

                        [d.] friends; and

            [4] [some] of you shall they cause to be

[a.] put to death.

 21:17  And

            [5] ye shall be hated of all [men] [hated by both the Romans and the Jews]

                        [a.] for my name's sake [hated for the name of Jesus]. 

All Christians were delivered from the fall of Jerusalem


 21:18  [6] But there shall not an hair of your head perish [all Christians were supernaturally delivered from the Roman siege of Jerusalem in AD 70.  None perished when the Roman general, Titus, inexplicably lifted his siege, allowing every Christian (and any others who would leave) to escape the city and the coming destruction when the Romans returned to complete their conquest.]


 21:19  [7] In your patience

[a.] possess ye your souls [It is through faith and patience that we inherit the promises of God (Heb. 6:12).  All those who waited for the move of the Holy Spirit were delivered from the destruction of Jerusalem].


2.  What sign will there be when Jerusalem is about to fall?


 21:20  And

            [1] when ye [Jesus’ disciples of Luke 21:7 in their representative capacities of the Jewish Church] shall see Jerusalem

[a.] compassed with armies, then

                                    [11.] know that the desolation thereof is nigh [fulfilled in AD 70].

 21:21  Then

            [2] let them which are in Judaea [this prophecy is directed at those living in Judah]

[a.] flee to the mountains [those who fled when Titus lifted his siege were saved; and

            [3] let them which are in the midst of it [Jerusalem]

                        [a.] depart out; and

            [4] let not them that are in the countries

[a.] enter thereinto [into Jerusalem].

 21:22  For

            [5] these be the days of vengeance [see Matt. 23:34-38],

                        [a.] that all things which are written

[11.] may be fulfilled.

 21:23  But

            [6] woe unto them that are with child, and

            [7] [woe] to them that give suck,

[a.] in those days! for

                                    [11.] there shall be great distress

[aa.] in the land, and

                                    [12.] wrath upon this people.


The remnant of Judah is scattered into the nations


21:24  And

            [8] they [the Jews who remained in Jerusalem] shall fall

[a.] by the edge of the sword, and

            [9] [they] shall be led away captive

[a.] into all nations [this reference fixes this prophecy to a point-in-time before the great scattering of the Jews to the nations by the Romans following the fall of Jerusalem]: and

            [10] Jerusalem shall be trodden down

[a.] of the Gentiles,

[11.] until the times of the Gentiles [the times of the Gentiles will last from AD 70 to the time the Antichrist is cast out of the temple in Jerusalem (Dan. 8:13-14); Compare The vision of the 2300 evenings and mornings.]

[aa.] be fulfilled.


When the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled [1]


 21:25  And there shall be [this prophecy now shifts to the time of the end]

            [1] signs

                        [a.] in the sun, and

                        [b.] in the moon, and

                        [c.] in the stars; and

                        [d.] upon the earth

                                    [11.] distress of nations,

                                                [aa.] with perplexity;

[12.] the sea and the waves roaring [this is not a symbol, these are the oceans of the world];

 21:26  [2] Men's hearts failing them

                        [a.] for fear, and

                        [b.] for looking after those things

[11.] which are coming on the earth:

[aa.] for the powers of heaven [Satan’s kingdom in the atmospheric heavens]

[111.] shall be shaken [by Michael and his angels (Rev. 12:7-9).  

[1] These signs occur following the close of the Antichrist Covenant week of years (Dan. 9:24-27).


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