The vision of the evening and the morning shall not be made clear until the time of the end


 8:15  And it came to pass,

[1] when I, [even] I Daniel,

[a.] had seen the vision, and

[b.] sought for the meaning, then,

[11.] behold, there stood before me

[aa.] as the appearance of a man.

 8:16  And

[2] I heard a man's voice [the voice of God]

[a.] between [the banks of] Ulai,

[b.] which called,

            [11.] and said, Gabriel [the angel, Gabriel (Dan. 9:21)],

            [aa.] make this [man] to understand the vision.

 8:17  So

[3] he came near where I stood: and

[4] when he came,

[a.] I was afraid, and

[b.] [I] fell upon my face: but

[c.] he [Gabriel] said unto me,

[11.] Understand, O son of man: for

[12.] at the time of the end 

[aa.] shall be the vision [the understanding of the vision shall not be until the time of the end (Dan. 8:1; Dan. 11:35, Dan. 11:40)].

 8:18  Now

[5] as he was speaking with me,

[a.] I was in a deep sleep [slain in the spirit]

[11.] on my face

[12.] toward the ground: but

[6] he touched me, and

[a.] [he] set me upright.

 8:19  And

[7] he said, Behold,

[a. I will make thee know

[11.] what shall be

[aa.] in the last end

[111.] of the indignation:

[8] for at the time appointed

[a.] the end [shall be]


[The end of the age of grace shall not come until its appointed set time. There is a set time for all of the events set forth in Chapters 6 through 20 of the Book of Revelation—none of which have transpired as of January, 2009. No man knows the day or hour of these events, only the Father in heaven (Acts 1:7)].


Interpretation of the open portion of the vision


The ram:  Medo-Persia


 8:20  The ram which thou sawest

[1] having [two] horns

[2] [are] the kings of

[a.] Media and

[b.] Persia.


The he goat:  Greece


 8:21  And

[1] the rough goat [is]

[a.] the king of Grecia: and

[2] the great horn

[a.] that [is] between his eyes

[b.] [is] the first king [Alexander the Great].


The four horns of the Grecian Empire:  Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt


 8:22  Now

[1] that [great horn] being broken, whereas

[2] four stood up for it [Alexander’s four generals],

[3] four kingdoms shall stand up (Dan. 8:8)

[a.] out of the nation,

[b.] but not in his power [not in the power and anointing which Alexander possessed, that was given him by the prince of Grecia (Dan. 10:20 )].


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