MARK 13 Pg 3


The suffering of the remnant of Israel


13:19 For [in] those days [in the last 3 years of this age, after the temple has been desecrated (Dan. 9:27) and the Antichrist and Satan have their day]

[1] shall be affliction [#2347, tribulation], such as was not

[a.] from the beginning of the creation

[11.] which God created

[b.] unto this time,

[c.] neither shall be.

13:20 And

[2] except that the Lord

[a.] had shortened those days,

[11.] no flesh should be saved:

[3] but for the elect's sake [the Jewish elect],

[a.] whom he hath chosen,

[b.] he hath shortened the days.


13:21 And then [in these last of the last days]

[1] if any man shall say to you,

[a.] Lo, here [is] Christ [the Anointed One, the Messiah];

[b.] or, lo, [he is] there;

[c.] believe [him] not:


13:22 For

[1] false Christs [Messiahs] and

[2] false prophets shall rise, and

[a.] shall show signs and

[b.] [shall show] wonders,

[11.] to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect.


13:23 But

[1] take ye heed:

[2] behold, I have foretold you

[a.] all things [which shall happen before His second coming].


Signs of the second coming


13:24 But

[1] in those days [the last 3 years of this age],

[2] after that tribulation [after the desecration of the temple in Jerusalem and persecution of the remnant of Israel],

[a.] the sun shall be darkened, and

[b.] the moon shall not give her light,

13:25 And

[c.] the stars of heaven shall fall, and

[d.] the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.


13:26 And then shall they see [all the world shall see]

[1] the Son of man coming

[a.] in the clouds

[b.] with great power and

[c.] [with great] glory.


13:27 And then [at His second coming]

[1] shall he send his angels, and

[2] shall gather together his elect [His Hebrew elect: the Church He brings with Him]

[a.] from the four winds,

[b.] from the uttermost part of the earth

[c.] to the uttermost part of heaven. 

The parable of the fig tree


13:28 Now learn a parable of the fig tree [the fig tree represents Israel; c/p.  Matt. 24:31; Luke 21:29]; When

[1] her branch is yet tender, and

[2] [she [putteth forth leaves,

[a.] ye know that summer is near:


13:29 So ye in like manner,

[1] when ye [ye which are alive at the end] shall see

[a.] these things come to pass,

[2] know that it is nigh [the second coming of Jesus],

[a.] [even] at the doors.

13:30 Verily I say unto you, that

[3] this generation [the generation that sees all these signs] shall not pass,

[a.] till all these things be done.

13:31 [4] Heaven and earth shall pass away: but

[5] my words shall not pass away. 

The exact date of Jesus' return is known only to the Father


13:32 But of that day and [that] hour [of His second coming] knoweth

[1] no man, no,

[2] not the angels

[a.] which are in heaven,

[3] neither the Son,

[4] but the Father.


13:33 [1] Take ye heed,

[2] watch and pray:

[a.] for ye know not

[11.] when the time is.


The parable of a man on a far journey


13:34 [For the Son of man is] as a man taking a far journey,

[1] who left his house, and

[2] [who] gave authority to his servants, and

[3] [who gave] to every man his work, and

[4] [who] commanded the porter to watch.


13:35 Watch ye therefore (Matt. 24:42; Matt. 25:13; Luke 21:36):

[1] for ye know not

[a.] when the master of the house cometh,

[11.] at even, or

[12.] at midnight, or

[13.] at the cockcrowing, or

[d.] in the morning:

13:36 [2] Lest coming suddenly

[a.] he find you sleeping.


13:37 And

[1] what I say unto you

[2] I say unto all,

[a.] Watch.


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